To To 30M download speed=30*1024/8/1024=3.75M 1T=1024GB 1GB=1024M 1M speed 1024M/1M=1024 seconds 1T=1048576M/30M=34953 seconds=582 minutes=9.7 hours. This value is wrong! ! ! ! 12:02:07 See a formula; 65G file 50M broadband 65000/(50/8)=10400 seconds=173 minutes=2.9 hours. Bring in mine 1T=1024G30M broadband 1024000/(30/8)=1024000/3.75=273066 seconds=4,551 minutes=75 hours/24 hours=3.16 days <br>
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Netizens reply: To To 1024*1024/(3.75*3600)=77.67h This is the perfect ideal value
Netizen reply: To To (1024*1024)/(30/8), can this also be a sticker?
Netizens reply: To To A little doubtful 1T=1048576M and M in 30M have different meanings, right? The 30M bandwidth we often say is Mbps, and M in 1048576M refers to MB Wait for the answer from the big guy
Netizen reply: To To The result of my calculation is different from yours. 3Days,5Hours,40Minutes,20Seconds(3.75M/s) 4Days, 1Hour, 5Minutes, 25Seconds(3M/s)
Netizens reply: To To t=1TB/30Mbps=(1048576MB)/(3.75MB/s)≈279620.27s=77.67h
Netizens reply: To To 110241024/(30/8), then calculate by yourself
Netizens reply: To To I generally make rough calculations. For example, 30 trillion is roughly 3M/s, and 1T roughly is 1000,000 trillion. 1000,000÷3M/s=333333s 333333s÷3600s=92.6h=3d20h30m
Netizens reply: To To (1TiB)/(30Mbps)=81.4453058hours
Netizens reply: To To 102410248(Mb)/30(Mb/S)/3600(S/H)=77.67 hours
Netizen reply: To To First clarify the relationship between bits and bytes, and then it can be calculated correctly. .
Netizens reply: To To 1Mbps=1024Kbps=1024/8KBps=128KB/s 30M=3840KB/s 1 day = 86400 seconds 3840*86400=331776000/kb 331776000KB=316.40625GB In other words, the daily consumption is expected to be 316.40625GB In fact, when the network speed is good, it can reach 4000KB per second In other words, it is normal to consume 300-400G every day

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