To To First of all, I am fighting~~~ I have always used Unicom mobile phone card to Unicom broadband, This month, China Mobile sent 20G data and opened a hotspot on the phone. Then found out, 124 Lightweight stations can't open at 100 million points in the evening? ? ? ? ? The almighty mjj, How to open other segments efficiently? Can I only create and delete? How much handling fee does this generate? Will the account be blacklisted by Conscience Cloud? Almighty mjj <br>
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Netizen Reply: To To All my equipment is telecommunications, and I canceled if I swiped a 124 or 119. I mainly look at Naifei
Netizens reply: To To Quote: jqbaobao published on 2020-9-510:58 124 Can't Open I used Singapore 129
Netizen reply: To To Quote: xhqpp published on 2020-9-510:45 Those who know the line are all 119
Netizens reply: To To Quote: dayeah published on 2020-9-512:29 You must use 119 as a station, no bad neighbors

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