To To It newcomers like to use new technologies, using centos, node.js, and the framework on the front end. I suggested to him to use win2012 php, internal server, and just meet the needs casually. It is necessary to use linux, which is not professional. Remote files, sometimes it is more convenient for me to go directly in and operate. Of course, my own website has win and centos. <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Let me put it this way, I use kvm to virtualize the machine, and there are often problems. I use win's hy to virtualize, except that it is slower, but a batch of
Netizens reply: To To liunx can get him a BT or similar graphical interface Mainly willing to toss, do whatever you want
Netizen Reply: To To If you want to be stable, cemtos7/8 will be instigated. Anyway, there is no security requirement on the intranet. For the remaining technical issues, use the simplest and quickest method, do not pursue good or pursue new, just use it well.
Netizens reply: To To Which is convenient to use which is annoying to use linux for linux
Netizens reply: To To Just give him a 512, is it uncomfortable to use a 32G win?
Netizen reply: To To Love toss or don’t like toss, whichever reinstall system or rework environment will be used soon
Netizen Reply: To To Is the newcomer so stubborn? Tell newcomers to either do it or roll, or they are too young.
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Elon Musk published on 2020-9-513:17 Let's put it this way, I use kvm to virtualize the machine, and there are often problems. Using win's hy virtualization, except for a bit slower, it is stable...
Netizens reply: To To Quote: tir published on 2020-9-513:42 If you use KVM to virtualize Windows, you need to optimize it. I can’t blame KVM Tencent Ali for KVM virtualization. Why is Windows not stuck? Not yet...

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