To To It is said that you can find assets as long as you remember 12 words. Then I found that only 2048 words are in the mnemonic list. Therefore, if I just type 12 of these 2048 words, it is possible to find someone’s assets. And turn it out,,,,, fuck,,, this is terrible Not to mention, I want to write a program to run. . ----------------------------------- What you said is correct, but I didn't find out all of them. As long as I met someone with hundreds of millions of assets, I would post it. . . Just think about it and be happy. <br>
-------------------------------------------- ---------
Netizens reply: To To You can think of it. I don’t know how many people have thought about it, but who do you think succeeded?
Netizens reply: To To You also want to be blinded, you are still running your first one in your sixtieth year Netizen Reply: To To You can choose 2048 words for each position, so the total possible combination is 2048**12. Are you going to brute force?
Netizens reply: To To In terms of probability, the 12 words selected from 2048 are 2048×2047×2046……×2036=1 x10^31, there are probably so many permutations and combinations
Netizens reply: To To MJJ is not good at math. You can calculate how big the 12th power of 2048 is.
Netizens reply: To To 5.444517870735e 39 times Simply put 39 0 behind 5
Netizens reply: To To If you have that time, it is better to count the winning numbers of the two-color ball faster than this. . Haha
Netizen reply: To To Recently I was looking at cloud computing power. I don’t know if it is reliable or not. It is said that it is a pit. Do you understand mjj? To To Quote: nico published on 2020-9-611:57 Onlookers eating melons, guess I believe it or not
Netizens reply: To To As long as there is enough computing power, it's fine. . . I felt that there was a problem with this design. . . You think. . The bank card is entered incorrectly three times and the password is locked. . The password of Bitcoin can be tested unlimited times. . .
Netizens reply: To To Quote: kof6946369 published in 2020-9-612:41 The original poster is stupid, quantum computers can't handle it, you can fuck it

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