To To In China Merchants Bank’s Pocket Life APP, points and Taobao offers, there is a Baidu Netdisk Super Member to redeem 1299 points for one month To download dozens of gigabytes of music mp4, it has been under 100k for two days, which is too slow I would like to find a way to open one day offer members found are not worth a day, so I took great pains to find a free way <br>
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Netizens reply: To To 799 can be exchanged for the Starbucks Cup, 1299 for super members, I feel a little loss. Of course these are not as good as changing mileage.
Netizens reply: To To It’s too expensive to spend 20 to get a point 1299. It’s better to change to Starbucks. I personally think it’s not cost-effective. Netizen reply: To To 1299 points Not troublesome enough
Netizens reply: To To 1299 points. . It's better to spend money to buy it. . PDD is good for one dollar

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