To To Requirements: imitate 5 pages of a website Need to do these pages: 1. Homepage 2. Product introduction 3. Cooperation case 4. Client download 5. Free trial (send the submitted information to the mailbox) Needs to be: 1. Purely static 2. Make it bilingual, automatically display Chinese and English according to the browser language, 3. Add a button, English and Chinese can be switched by one click Big guys, please quote: QQ 176-462-1359 <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Purely static? ctrl s is not over,
Netizens reply: To To Reference css in css ...100 yuan per page
Netizens reply: To To lz emphasizes 5 pages, static, presumably just to keep the price to the lowest, just find a personal ctrl s, what kind of bicycle you want. If you want me to say, under 2000, there is no need to pick up, a bunch of things.
Netizens reply: To To I read the page and initially estimated that it will start at 3000. Do you want to do mobile adaptive?

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