To To Recently, the HW network protection has started immediately. It needs manpower. The brothers can come when they are free, and they need telephone skills. State-owned enterprises directly recruit the blue team, a minimum of 14 days, full-time. Age and academic qualifications are not limited, mainly good skills and information security work experience. Do not have to graduate. Work location: Beijing Salary is calculated on a daily basis: the level is determined by telephone interview, at least 1,300 per day, and there is no ceiling. Some big guys are more than 8,000 a day. Come to work for half a month, take a tens of thousands of yuan home, isn’t it very fragrant? Brothers who are interested can come to me Add me V: TWluR2Vla3k= Thanks to this platform, later buy some VPS <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Strictly prevent the core business from guarding the 24-hour response, and the non-core business directly disconnects the gateway Last year HW was beaten so badly
Netizen reply: To To What is this for? Five hairs to post? Internet censorship? Specifically,
Netizens reply: To To Quote: h20 published on 2020-9-913:44 Did the blue team get beaten?
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Mu Muzi published on 2020-9-913:46 Why come here to find someone who shouldn't go to Ali's Prophet?
Netizen Reply: To To Last year, someone from tm took a USB flash drive to plug in the computer at our branch. . . The courage is also big.

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