To To The host had made a forum site before, but it was closed for various reasons. Now I want to start again, but I am entangled in the choice of procedures. Can the big guys give some life experience? The original poster is a visual animal, and he likes programs with nice UI. In the forum program, I did not choose the domestic Discuz, but chose Xenforo developed by foreigners. Later, two shortcomings were discovered in the course of operation. 1. Ready-made plug-ins need to be translated into Chinese 2. It is very troublesome to develop plug-ins, no one is playing in China, and foreigners must be found 3. Difficult questions have to go to the English station to post questions advantage 1. Excellent UI 2. There is a "resource manager" plug-in, which meets my needs, which is not available in Discuz. Although it is very troublesome, but the host doesn't like Discuz, but it is rich in plugins and there are many developers. So caught select dyslexia, seeking bigwigs wake up to fight <br>
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Netizen Reply: To To You also don't say what the resource manager is, what are its functions? ? ? Then keep saying UI,,,, please, how beautiful are you XENFORO? ? ? What a big deal to imitate it. In summary, you are the M tendency. It is recommended to drop wax to play and what station to do.
Netizens reply: To To Make website content king, The content is again profitable, thinking about improving the experience UI Tianya and Laggards are so ugly Not a group of people in
Netizens reply: To To This is the same as I used to do. A logo can be thought of for ten and a half months, and it is troublesome to write the content for half an hour
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: I like programs with nice UI I especially don't like Discuz
Netizen reply: To To Quote: Evan published on 2020-9-1110:18 You already know it in your heart, so what else to ask? I can abandon everything for the sake of beauty.
Netizens reply: To To To be honest, the forum is basically difficult to do right now, there may be some heat on the eve, and there is nothing attractive in the later stage.
Netizen Reply: To To Excuse me I think discourse and nodebb are good-looking and have many functions Why no one uses it
Netizens reply: To To Content is the kingly way. First, make website traffic, and then consider how to convert traffic into money, and then consider how to commission the experience in the last step.

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