To To The old PR is the batch of machines that used SolusVM in the past, and everyone knows what eggs are like. It has been a few months since I joined PR. It is necessary to talk about the ins and outs of many things and possible hidden dangers. Speaking from the first day of PR establishment, I am also the first batch of users, and I know many things from the user's perspective. At first everything went smoothly, SolusVM was running well, and users kept coming. There are some abuses, such as packet sending and port scanning. It is found that the abuse investigation ability of the PR team is 0. Once passed on from ten to ten, and more and more abused into PR, this brand has gradually become a paradise for abuse. The direct harm of abuse is to cause the system network to collapse, the hen load soars, and users lose packets globally. The user is definitely not happy, all sorts of work orders request to solve the problem. Technical operation and maintenance has never thought about abuse, only knowing that the newly opened machine is stable (because the abuse has not yet come in). Then the solution to the problem was to rebuild and transfer the hens. O&M can rebuild and transfer dozens of chickens in a day. In the process, everything starts to mess up, for example: The VPSID of user A is 111, and user B is ready to purchase. After user A rebuilt, the VPSID in SolusVM became 112, but the technology forgot to change the data in WHMCS. User A cannot control VPS in WHMCS, but can only enter SolusVM to operate. When user B purchases, the VPSID assigned to him by WHMCS is 112, but the VPSID created in SolusVM is 113. User B cannot control VPS in WHMCS, and can only enter SolusVM. During this process, VPSID was messed up, and the SolusVMpro plug-in that comes with WHMCS had no self-repair capability. The biggest problem arises here: User B purchased a half-yearly paid package, and user C purchased an annualized package. After the B user package expires, the SolusVMpro plug-in in WHMCS deletes the VPSID113 of C user in SolusVM according to VPSID113. However, there were some errors during the callback, which caused the VPS of user C in SolusVM to not be completely deleted. User C found that his VPS was visible in SolusVM, but could not be started, it became the so-called "lost connection". In fact, LVM (VPS volume) has been deleted. At present, only a few days later, users reported that their VPS had lost connection, but in November, the first batch of users gradually expired, and the chaos at that time was unimaginable. The operation and maintenance team tried their best to repair thousands of associations, but there will be some omissions after all, so it is recommended that old PR users must make a backup. SolusVM is a time bomb. The solution that can be thought of is to quickly switch the old users to Virtualizor, and then uninstall SolusVM. The current progress is a little hurdle in the conversion of WHMCS, because the package is completely messed up, many things are not matched at all, and we are still studying how to deal with it. Once uninstalled, the deletion will not expire. It is expected that a batch of black users will appear, but it is better than normal users to be deleted. <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Suggest a new machine, it is indeed quite stable, at least it will not be offline for no reason
Netizen reply: To To Just make an announcement that you don’t need to transfer/backup data and just send it to the new TK platform to rebuild it
Netizen reply: To To Quotation: Kaixuan small webmaster published on 2020-9-1912:09 It's definitely not a spicy chicken, the old machine may die in place in the future. I can only do my best, and switch to new ones one by one...
Netizens reply: To To Quote: llmwxt published on 2020-9-1912:08 Oh, just keep it simple! Will it not be spicy chicken in the future?
Netizens reply: To To Oh, just keep it simple! Will it not be spicy chicken in the future?
Netizens reply: To To Quote: llmwxt published on 2020-9-1912:11 It’s the old machines, they will all be killed when they expire. What do you mean?
Netizen reply: To To Quote: Marinated egg published on 2020-9-1912:11 Do it without the consent of the old users?
Netizens reply: To To Quote: cherbim published on 2020-9-1912:26 No matter how much you say, it’s better to come to wave super discounts

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