To To Now there is 76% health left. Want to change the battery and continue to use it for the elderly. Do you have a recommended brand battery or store? Official website to 519 IPhone battery replacement pricing-mainland China The following prices only apply to battery repairs provided by Apple. The pricing of Apple authorized service providers may vary. iPhone models under warranty Warranty iPhone11ProMax RMB0 RMB519 iPhone11Pro RMB0 RMB519 iPhone11 RMB0 RMB519 iPhoneXSMax RMB0 RMB519 iPhoneXS RMB0 RMB519 iPhoneX RMB0 RMB519 iPhoneXR RMB0 RMB519 iPhone8Plus RMB0 RMB359 iPhone8 RMB0 RMB359 iPhone7Plus RMB0 RMB359 iPhone7 RMB0 RMB359 iPhone6sPlus RMB0 RMB359 iPhone6s RMB0 RMB359 iPhone6Plus RMB0 RMB359 iPhone6 ​​RMB0 RMB359 iPhoneSE (2nd generation) RMB0 RMB359 iPhoneSE RMB0 RMB359 iPhone5s RMB0 RMB359 iPhone5c RMB0 RMB359 <br>
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Netizen Reply: To To The battery and hard drive that I replaced by Flash Repairer feels okay, especially the hard drive, which is super praised. It took three years...
Netizen Reply: To To Go to Suning’s Flash Repairer, change an ifixit battery, and replace it in person
Netizen Reply: To To It’s more than 200 to buy a piece. The other brand is still not expensive. I have changed a few 5678 and basically changed it
Netizen reply: To To Quote: mark published on 2020-9-1916:01 Buy the battery tools in half a day and do it without spending more than 300
Netizen reply: To To Quote: Stop published on 2020-9-1916:49 0 yuan within the warranty? Who to change,
Netizens reply: To To In addition, the x screen is an oled screen that will flicker.
Netizens reply: To To It has always been Huaqiangbei for 20 yuan to buy two at a time and change it by myself
Netizen reply: To To Quote: catbig published on 2020-9-2011:40 In addition, the x screen is an oled screen that will flicker.
Netizens reply: To To pdd buy a battery and replace it yourself~ Cost approximately equal to 100

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