To To Recruit sales customer service Work location Xi'an Recruitment position: IDC sales-full-time basic salary 3K sales commission (very considerable) birthday red envelope year-end bonus social security IDC technical operation and maintenance-full-time basic salary starting from 4K performance full attendance bonus birthday red envelope year-end bonus social security Sales position requirements: lively and cheerful personality, love Internet culture, love sales work, and have certain basic computer concepts. Operation and maintenance job requirements: I love the Internet industry, familiar with basic windows/Linux operations and how to troubleshoot and solve common problems, have a certain English foundation, and do things carefully and carefully. Preference: Fresh graduates and graduates who have worked for about a year. After the recruitment is successful, a red envelope will be issued to everyone. Please scan the code to add my resume. Can you still not see it after changing a picture bed? mmqrcode1601517521610.png (34.2KB) (Downloads:0, uploaded at 10:39 the day before yesterday) <br>
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