To To Yesterday, Google Gsuite was revised to WorkSpace. The most notable thing is that this revision has reduced the storage space quota. Previously, the unlimited storage space of the network disk for the $12 and $18 packages has been changed to 2TB and 5TB per user respectively. Google stated in the documentation that old GSuite users will retain current benefits until the subscription expires, after which they will "transition" to the new WorkSpace version. If you want to continue to enjoy unlimited storage space, you can upgrade to a WorkspaceEnterprise subscription through the background. The subscription costs $20. For moles who have a hobby of collection and huge storage needs, although the cost has increased, it is better than nothing at all. [The VPS signal is broadcast flag, [07.10.2011: 37] level message LevelC · Usually] <br>
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Netizen Reply: To To Workspace Enterprise Edition unlimited space, I remember it is 30 dollars
Netizens reply: To To Now I feel like it’s hard to say. Many people on rebbit asked the sales consultants and said that the old package can be kept, and the upgrade needs to be upgraded manually.
Netizens reply: To To Quote: jqbaobao published on 2020-10-711:44 There seems to be no price for the enterprise version.
Netizens reply: To To
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Xiao Yan published on 2020-10-711:50 The educational version should be very fragrant
Netizens reply: To To Quote: ApkB published on 2020-10-711:59 The education version will also be upgraded
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Xiao Yan published on 2020-10-711:50 The educational version should be very fragrant
Netizens reply: To To Education and non-profit follow-up will also be changed, but I don't know whether the unlimited space of education will be retained. Quote: EducationandNonprofitcustomers WearealsobringingGoogleWorkspacetooureducationandnonprofitcustomersinthecomingmonths.EducationcustomerscancontinuetoaccessourtoolsviaGSuiteforEducation,includingClassroom,Assignments,Gmail,Calendar,Drive,Docs,Sheets,Slides,andMeet.GSuiteforNonprofitswillcontinuetobeavailabletoeligible To To [quote]ApkB published on 2020-10-711:59 Who’simpacted Adminsandendusers Whyit’simportant Basic,Business,andEnterprisecustomers AsanexistingGSuiteBasic,Business,orEnterprisecustomer,youcanrestassuredwe’llgiveyouthetimeandsupportneededtotransitiontooneofthesenewofferings.PleaselookforanemailtotheprimaryadministratorinyourdomainarrivingnolaterthanFriday,October16.Thisemailwilloutlinethespecificimpacttoycontactorganizationinfo. EducationandNonprofitcustomers WearealsobringingGoogleWorkspacetooureducationandnonprofitcustomersinthecomingmonths.EducationcustomerscancontinuetoaccessourtoolsviaGSuiteforEducation,includingClassroom,Assignments,Gmail,Calendar,Drive,Docs,Sheets,Slides,andMeet.GSuiteforNonprofitswillcontinuetobeavailabletoeligible Essentialscustomers GSuiteEssentials will now be calledGoogleWorkspaceEssentials.There are noadditionalchangestoEssentialsat this time. Additionaldetails TheproductivityappsyouknowandloveinGSuitearen’tgoingaway—Gmail,Calendar,Drive,Docs,Sheets,Slides,Meet,Chat,andalltheotherswillcontinuetobethefoundationoftheGoogleWorkspaceexperience.Inthefuture,we’llcontinuetoevolveourproductmoreflexible,helpful,andsimplermore Gettingstarted Admins:PrimarydomainadministratorswillreceiveanemailfromGooglenolaterthanFriday,October16.Thisemailwilloutlinethespecificimpacttoyourorganizationandwhotocontactformoreinfo. Endusers: EnduserswillseethenewGoogleWorkspacenameandiconsreflectedacrossourproductsandpropertiesoverthecourseofthenextseveralweeks.
Netizens reply: To To Basic customers, business customers and corporate customers As an existing GSuiteBasic, business or enterprise customer, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the time and support you need to transition to one of these new products. Please find an email to the primary administrator in your domain to arrive no later than Friday, October 16. This email will outline the specific impact on your organization and who to contact for more information.

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