To To For the purchased service, the other party gave me a paypal in this format for me to pay:  https// When I pay, I only have the option of payment. There is no product or service. After the payment is over, the other party is silent. Can I refund this kind of payment. How can the transaction be guaranteed? <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Foreigners are good people, they have Chinese religion, and they never lie It is estimated that something unexpected happened. After a few months of handling it, I will take the initiative to contact you, don’t worry
Netizen reply: To To This is a transfer, not the kind of business pp purchase service, so there is no dispute time, but you can report his fraud, at most it will be blocked
Netizens reply: To To In the future, if I want to make a transaction, I will direct the other party to the paypal account, and then can I get a refund if I transfer the account?
Netizens reply: To To Make a complaint and see how pp handles it. There is nothing normal. . If it's like Alipay, WeChat transfer or something, unless it is large or there are many people
Netizens reply: To To The transfer method is non-refundable. I tried it before and I can report it at most. Tell me about the money byebye
Netizen Reply: To To It's weird, the foreigner directly transfers the money to me with Paypal. After a month, I can still get the disputed payment from Paypal back...

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