To To The situation is as follows: the purpose is to remind the friends who are going to enter the pit. Be wary of spammers GeorgeDatacenter Content: Purchase VPS-LA-01 for $3.5 one month vps on October 6. Speed ​​test in the afternoon and evening revealed severe packet loss. 800MHZ frequency given by CPU Choose a refund on the morning of October 7 On the night of October 8th, it was found that there was no refund, and a work order was issued to inquire. I haven't responded positively to the refund, only to say why the refund. On October 11, it replied that the network packet loss delay was large and it was used. Replied to me on October 13th that I initiated a dispute with PayPal, MMP. You are paralyzed. I have heard of the PayPal dispute, and didn't even know how to initiate the dispute. He actually said I initiated the dispute. Now the machine is gone, and the money is not refunded. Was hacked for nothing for a month. PS: Because of the epidemic, many people in foreign countries have been misled by their government or the media, and they are full of malice towards the Chinese. It's best to ask about the PayPal dispute and how to initiate it. I actually framed me for initiating the PayPal dispute, so I would really fight for it. <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Quote: Strange MJJ published on 2020-10-1409:06 How did MJJ find strange merchants
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Xiaomage2333 published on 2020-10-1409:13 Then learn how to dispute and initiate a dispute, as the boss wishes
Netizen Reply: To To Isn’t this George’s house? It’s very rubbish. Last time I changed my email address in a big vps, I didn’t change the push or push. I would refund it directly, stay away from junk merchants. Netizens reply: To To I have used this Du Fu and its price-performance ratio is invincible, but because it is oneman, it is technically more sloppy. Basically, I have to solve any problems by myself. If Du Fu has problems, I have to Google the solution and send it to him. do. I haven’t used vps and I don’t know much about it. It may also be the reason for the lack of technology. It shouldn’t be intentional to hack your money. If you think it’s inappropriate, stay away from it later
Netizen Reply: To To What can I say about this kind of business? Just take a screenshot and go to the pp dispute. After the dispute, directly apply for pp to intervene in mediation and the money will come back after 14 days
Netizen reply: To To This exclusive server is full of cost-effectiveness, and it is okay, I have never used vps
Netizen reply: To To I bought another AMD chicken, it’s okay, I didn’t get a refund, so I won’t comment for the time being

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