To To Dear users, Hello! Dear customer, hello: Thank you very much for choosing Tianyi Cloud. After preliminary review, the following information needs to be corrected: 1. Please complete your mailing address. The address must include the province, city, and county, and the specific information that can be received by express Address, including recipient and phone number. 2. According to the requirements of the Economic Management Bureau, please ensure that your previous successful website can be accessed normally and indicate its North Bank number and copyright in the center at the bottom of the homepage (such as Beijing ICP No. 12022551, the main North Bank number is not required With "-1" "-2" these website serial numbers), link to the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ( under the North Bank number as required. 3. Due to the requirements of the Hunan Administrative Bureau, there can only be one domain name under a subject in Hunan. If more than two domains are required, a website construction book must be submitted. The content: (1) Introduction of website service content (including screenshots or design drawings of website content, website columns and content Introduction, multi-site/domain name usage and domain extension usage); (2) Networking plan (including equipment configuration, network structure, use technology and deployment); (3) Network security and information security management system (including network security) Defensive measures, information security management and control systems and emergency response plans) (4) Commit to accept the acceptance if the main information is found to be wrong, the actual content of the website is consistent with the North Shore information, the domain name has transaction behavior, and the website content involves nine non-acceptance and other violations of laws and regulations. Penalties for entering the service provider to close the website and the competent authority to cancel the North Shore and be blacklisted. Website construction plan submission method: The unit's north bank needs to affix the official seal/ the individual north bank needs to sign and scan it as a PDF document (the file is named as the organizer's full name), and send it to the mailbox: The subject of the message is: sponsored by the access provider The full name of the unit. 4. Please select only: Others for the service content of the personal North Shore website. And add a sentence to describe the content of the website. The service content of the personal North Shore website is recommended to be filled in according to the sharing category. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Reviewer: North Shore 51 Before the success of the North Shore that dog feces domain name, how many years ago, no renewals, and this special What zezheng <br>
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Netizen Reply: To To Find the big guy who sells, and see if you can help the North Shore!
Netizens reply: To To Quote: llmwxt published on 2020-10-2210:19 Find the big guy who sells, and see if you can help the North Shore!
Netizens reply: To To I almost got on the first batch because of the North Shore, so I didn’t get on the bus

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