To To I bought a new notebook and want to copy the factory system. It is very convenient to reinstall it and restore it directly. Are there any more elegant solution you <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Quote: KuYeHQ published on 2020-11-1810:48 pe backup c drive
Netizen reply: To To In my opinion, the official system that comes with the computer is not pure and always uses MSDN and then goes to the computer's official website to drive
Netizen reply: To To No, I left the driver before, but now all the latest ones are online
Netizens reply: To To Quote: rhino first published on 2020-11-1810:55 There may be an img file in the hidden partition
Netizens reply: To To For dell, I have tried to get the system installation CD with the after-sales application. If there is no CD-ROM drive, it will give a USB flash drive. To To There is an .esd file in the hidden partition. Just restore dism.
Netizens reply: To To Official support will restore the mirror and the field driver For backup, consider easyimagex backup But it is not recommended, because if you restore in the future, you have to update the system and mirror (the backup is too old)

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